The Urban freelancer

WEB DESIGN and transfer

Here at the Urban Freelancer we focus on anything Shopify and WordPress. While there are many platforms on the market, specializing in these specifically allows us to offer you the best service possible. Whether you’re looking to have your very own ecommerce store, promote your services, blog or looking to transfer your site from one platform to another, we can do it!

There are many web platforms out there and choosing the right one can be confusing. How do you know whether you should choose Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, WordPress? The list goes on! One might appear to be free (we’ll let you in on a secret…..they are very rarely free, and usually cost you a lot more in the long run), one might seem like it can make a pretty site but, is one easier to use over the other, what if you’re not tech savvy? Well unless you need a custom developed site (which we do offer – see our web development section) we choose to work predominantly with the Shopify and WordPress platforms.

The reasons being that

1) these are very intuitive platforms and

2) they both excel in their specialities. We have a lot of experience in building websites, so we are ready to chat and help you feel confident in choosing the right platform for you and your business. It really isn’t scary…we promise. We will ask you a few questions in the beginning and a few along the way and we will do the planning, creating, arranging the content (writing the content if necessary), to ensure the site is fully functional, including researching, installation and the set up of apps.

other services


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)/SEM (Search Engine Marketing)…everyone has heard of it and everyone wants it, but not everyone knows how to do it. That’s where our SEO/SEM specialists come in to play! We can help position your site by running a full SEO/SEM review and updates.

Digital Marketing

Want to run ads online but don’t know where to start? Our Digital Marketing specialists are here to guide you and help you maximize your budget. We have a team of digital marketing specialists ready to optimize your marketing while maximizing your budget.

Web Development

With our team of senior developers the sky’s the limit for your site, from the ordinary to the extraordinary we have professionals that help you achieve your website vision perfectly.