Client: Scentcerae
Project: Site Transfer & Rebuild

Scentcerae is an ethically and sustainably sourced eco friendly skincare brand, with a focus on zero waste.

Problem: Their original site was built on the WordPress platform which was cumbersome and came with it’s fair share of issues; from glitchy hosting to frustrations with the backend management and the overall usability and aesthetic of the site did not reflect the brand.

Wishlist: Showcase the whole product collection including available variants
• User Friendly
• Told the brands story
• Easy to maintain and update
• Email marketing setup

Work Overview: Transferred existing site, including content and products from WordPress to Shopify as well as conducted a  domain transfer.
The client had a large inventory which was difficult to manage within her previous site. Managing large inventories can be tricky but needs to be seamless and easy to use from a customer perspective to ensure we maximize the conversions. With this in mind we ensured that we took the time to organize, categorize and made sure the product variations were all accounted for so that the customer was informed of all available products, in turn helping the customer 

Wholesale was also an important factor for the client, therefore we hard coded in her wholesale catalog to minimize the amount of steps a retailer would have to take to place an order.

CRM and email marketing is an important tool for any business. For this section we installed an email marketing app and created automatic segments, flows and a pop up to capture existing and potential clients.

Little Lily Shop
Little Lily Shop logo


Client: Little Lily Shop
Project: Create and List Products on the Amazon Platform

Little Lily Shop is a carefully designed and curated like of pretend make up for your littles.

“Inspiring Little Imaginations With Pretend Makeup, Just Like Moms (but without the mess!)

Wishlist: To increase the reach of their brand on a global scale, on an already successful platform.

Work Overview: Account setup is one of the most crucial parts of working with Amazon. Set it up wrong and it’s going to take a while to fix or could even lead to you being rejected from the platform. Our Amazon specialist knows just exactly how to do this, what categories to apply for and how to format the listings to maximize their potential.

Website Review

Client: Eleanor Marie Jewelry
Project: Website Review

 Performing a website review every now and then is a great way to ensure everything within the site is working and to address any issues that many have been bugging you.

Overview: Provided a full front end and backend review of the website to check that everything was set up correctly and that the site was optimized.

Once the full review was done we provided a full write up of our findings with suggestions on improvements such as UX, formatting, SEO, consistency and more.


Client: Artisan Gifts and Flowers
Project: Logo Design

Wishlist: A soft and classic design to depict the characteristics of the store.

We took aspects of the business to create a logo which encompassed the business name and one of the main components of the retail store, while ensuring the logo would work on a variety of materials such as business cards, window decals and more.

Social Media Management

Client: Private Health Clinic
Project: Social Media and Digital Marketing Management

Wishlist: To have carefully researched and curated content that provides knowledge and expertise to their clients while keeping on brand and following strict regulatory board guidelines.

Overview: The project entails us to keep up to date on industry news and guidelines to ensure we are providing professional and key content to their valuable client base. Monthly content calendars are created, product and service research is conducted, hashtags are researched, content is designed and written, monthly social media numbers are analyzed as well as daily maintenance and engagement to provide value to their viewers, in turn increasing conversions and profits.

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