Torum #1, The future of social media for cryptocurrency users

Luca Campigotto
Mar 1, 2024

The future of Social media

Before talking about social media for cryptocurrency users, many people are taking a break from larger platforms like Facebook and Instagram because of the increased amount of negativity across these major platforms. Brands that stick to traditional platforms like Facebook can spend thousands of dollars in advertising and miss being seen by their target audience. And there is always the risk of marketing campaigns simply getting lost in the mess of these broad-scale platforms that are rife with users and companies competing for attention.

People are shifting from broad social platforms to niche networks where they can connect with specific, like-minded audiences. This reduces the noise and allows users to see the kind of content they want to interact with. Niche platforms present a significant opportunity for brands to create a community and sell their products to people who are genuinely interested. Torum in this case is the next social media for cryptocurrency users.

Incredible engagement for cryptocurrency projects

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, digital currency that has received so much attention in recent times. The rise in the price and popularity of this encrypted currency makes it a viable tool to invest in and an exciting topic on social media platforms.

Social media, which was initially a tool for social networking and connecting with people, has become a great place to market businesses and share opinions on various issues. Integrating cryptocurrency into social media offers many advantages, including spreading trustworthy information about projects and creating more enthusiasm around particular projects.

Social media for cryptocurrency users through content has helped more people learn about cryptocurrency and increases engagement for crypto businesses and platforms worldwide. 

Which social media platforms for cryptocurrency users are the best?

The majority of people can hardly think of their lives without social media, and cryptocurrencies enthusiasts are no exception. Since its beginning, the cryptocurrency industry has been enhanced by social media platforms, which enable individuals to interact, share ideas, and stay informed about the Ripple price, but now let’s talk about Torum

Torum is a revolutionary SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem designed to connect worldwide cryptocurrency users with 136,074 crypto users are connected on Torum and we’re still counting.

Torum, the best social media for cryptocurrency users.

social media for cryptocurrency users

Torum is a social platform, not unlike facebook, but then focussed solely on crypto. You have a profile with a newsfeed and you can join clans to talk or read about topics that interest you. The platform uses its own token XTM (Torum) to reward participants for creating interesting and high quality content. Torum is still being developed but let me tell you it looks amazing! Torum grew 700% in 7 days! 

After you sign up you will have to verify your email and your phone number, this is to prevent abuse from spammers. After doing that you will find yourself being able to do Daily Missions. Only when you have reached 100 points in the Daily Missions, will the other missions open up for you, also to prevent spammers. I found it pretty easy to figure out and met a great mod, who helped me when I was dumb enough to forget a digit in my phonenumber.

What Can I Do on Torum?

On this social media for cryptocurrency users in addition to connecting with users in the world of cryptocurrencies you can create clans (we can compare them to facebook groups) and you can create your company page, share news, create events, create new connections for you network and future leads.

The more active you are on Torum the more XTM you earn, yes that’s right, they pay you to use their social media, interesting isn’t it?

The Urban Freelacer can help you in this new universe

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