The Urban freelancer

website review

Is your website feeling a little “meh”? Not sure if everything is set up to run as smooth as possible? Not sure if you’ve missed something? Let us run a full review of your website, inside and out, and guide you on how to make it shine again!

You’d be surprised at how many little details are overlooked when you’re setting up your site. But don’t fret! We can put fresh eyes on your entire website from both the customer experience and a behind the scenes technical review on all relevant platforms. With a fresh perspective we can make recommendations on updates and fixes that will have your site running tickety boo in no time!

other services

Web Design and Transfers

Here at the Urban Freelancer we LOVE anything Shopify and WordPress, and we’re not just saying that. Whether you’re looking to have your very own ecommerce store, promote your services, blog or looking to transfer your site from one platform to another, we can do it!


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)/SEM (Search Engine Marketing)…everyone has heard of it and everyone wants it, but not everyone knows how to do it. That’s where our SEO/SEM specialists come in to play! We can help position your site by running a full SEO/SEM review and updates.

Digital marketing

Want to run ads online but don’t know where to start? Our Digital Marketing specialists are here to guide you and help you maximize your budget. We have a team of digital marketing specialists ready to optimize your marketing while maximizing your budget.